Truckers keep the nation running. Without large truck drivers, many of our everyday conveniences would not be possible. While the country’s network of semi-trucks and tractor-trailers allow goods and products to be delivered in a timely fashion across America, these heavy vehicles can also be extraordinarily dangerous. When a truck driver’s behavior endangers others on the road and causes an accident, the driver and others in the trucking company may be responsible for paying damages to anyone injured or killed in the wreck. If you were injured by a large truck, the Boynton Beach truck accident attorneys at Silver & Silver, P.A., can help you get the compensation you need to recover from your injuries. To schedule a free consultation, contact us today at 561-336-6331.

Negligent Truck Drivers Endanger Everyone on the Road

Truck driver fatigue is a major problem plaguing the roads in South Florida and rest of the country. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, trucker fatigue is estimated to be a contributing factor in 30-40% of all accidents involving large trucks. When truck drivers try to make extra money by driving overtime, skipping rest breaks, or skimping on sleep, they are less able to navigate traffic safely. When drivers are too tired to respond to changing road conditions and traffic patterns, tragedies can result.

While large truck accidents account for only about 4% of all motor vehicle accidents nationwide, the weight and size of these trucks often lead to deadly accidents. When a truck that weighs tens of thousands of pounds collides with a smaller passenger vehicle, the occupants of that vehicle can be seriously injured or killed. The risks are even more serious when the truck is loaded down with hazardous cargo that may spill out onto the roadway.

Who Is Responsible After a Boynton Beach Truck Accident?

Accidents involving large trucks are often uniquely complicated. In an accident between two passenger vehicles, there are usually only two parties involved. In trucking accidents, there may be multiple parties that share responsibility for a single accident.

For example, if the driver was negligent, the driver (and his or her insurance company) may be responsible for paying damages to the injured person. In addition to the driver, the trucking company who employs the trucker may also share liability if the company failed to adequately train their drivers or pushed drivers to stay on the road for longer hours than regulations allow. If the accident was caused by a mechanical malfunction in the truck, the maintenance company who repairs and maintains the truck could have some legal responsibility. Finally, it is also possible that the company which hired the truck driver to deliver the load could be liable for damages if they pushed the driver and/or trucking company to break the law while delivering a load.

Injured by a Trucking Accident in Boynton Beach? Don’t Wait to Get Help

Trucking accidents can be complicated. Fortunately, most people and companies involved in the trucking industry carry insurance in case of an accident. With the help of an experienced Boynton Beach truck accident attorney, you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries from multiple sources.

If you or your loved one was injured in a trucking accident, you need experienced legal representation. At Silver & Silver, P.A., our attorneys understand the complicated nature of trucking accidents. Our firm will investigate the causes of your accident, including the possibility of trucker fatigue, and will help you pursue every available type of compensation you deserve, including payments for medical bills, lost wages, lost future income, or damages for pain and suffering and emotional distress.

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