Slips and falls are not accidents to be taken lightly. After a fall, it is essential to have an attorney on call who can help you. Even if you do not see the immediate damage, falls can cause severe injuries and lead to irreversible damage, such as hip fractures or brain injuries.

If you or your family members suffer from a fall, the long-term result could be lifelong dependence and health issues. Here are some more reasons why it makes sense to call a Deerfield Beach Slip and Fall Attorney after such accidents—no matter how small.

1. Possible Fractures

If you or your loved ones are over the age of 50 or 60, the risk of bone fractures is even greater. A tiny trip or slip can cause the bones to splinter or break. Hip fractures are some of the most common ones we have seen among elderly people.

2. Traumatic Brain Injury

If your head was injured during the fall, don’t chalk it up to just a few scrapes or bruises. Check with your doctor to ensure you have not injured internal organs, such as your brain. Many who have had accidents suffered consequences such as brain injury, cognitive impairment, and even seizures.

3. Spinal Cord Injuries

If you happen to slip and fall on your back, this could be detrimental. Damage to the spinal cord sometimes results in partial or full paralysis. Those over age 65 should take extra precaution.

4. Joint injuries

The soft tissue in your body can be easily damaged. A slight trip, slip or fall can result in damaged muscles, joints, and ligaments. Be aware that your joints, including elbows and knees, tend to take a lot of strain already. After a fall, if these joints are injured, it will be much harder to get back to work and care for your family.

5. Expensive Medical Rehab

In case you have to undergo physical therapy after a fall, there will be bills to pay. Having a Slip and Fall Attorney on call can help you secure any necessary financial compensation. Whatever losses you incur due to the fall should be handled legally, to ensure full protection.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should call the right attorney before and after a fall. The severity always varies, but a good attorney can also help you get back money for damages in case you suffer any of the above injuries.

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