Each year, about a dozen people in Delray Beach are involved in fatal car accidents. Even more Delray Beach car accidents cause physical injuries and property damage. Many of these collisions happen because drivers allow themselves to get distracted behind the wheel. Other common causes include driving under the influence, speeding and ignoring red lights.

If you have been involved in an accident, you may need help from a Delray Beach car accident attorney who knows how to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

What to Do Immediately After an Accident

After an accident, you should call the Delray Beach Police’s non-emergency number (561-243-7800) to report the collision. Don’t leave the scene of the accident until the police have come and written a report.

While you wait for the police to arrive, exchange insurance information with the other driver. You should also use your smartphone to take pictures of any damage caused by the accident.

Do not admit any wrongdoing to the other driver, the police or bystanders. You can, however, talk to bystanders so they can corroborate your version of the accident. Get their contact information in case you need to use them as witnesses.

How to Protect Yourself After the Accident

How you handle yourself after an accident can affect whether you get compensated for your suffering and property damage.

As soon as possible after your collision, you should see a doctor to get potential injuries diagnosed and documented. You should visit a doctor even if you don’t feel any discomfort. In some cases, it can take days or weeks for injuries to cause pain.

You also need to make sure that you avoid talking to the other person’s insurance company. Insurance companies will act in their own interests, which often means doing anything necessary to limit how much money they give you.

By avoiding the insurance company, you ensure that you don’t give them useful information or accept a deal that doesn’t compensate you properly.

Get Help From a Delray Beach Car Accident Lawyer

A Delray Beach car accident lawyer will make sure that you get the highest level of compensation possible. Once you talk to a lawyer, someone may investigate the scene to gather evidence that supports your case. A Delray Beach car accident lawyer may even have someone make a computer-animated version that reconstructs the accident and proves that the other driver was at fault.

Having a lawyer represent you makes it more likely that you will receive the compensation the compensation that you deserve for injuries, suffering and damaged property. Don’t negotiate with insurance companies on your own. It’s always better to have an experienced professional on your side.

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