car accident settlement

Accidents are unforeseen circumstances that occur at any given time. These days, with the rising number of automobiles worldwide, there’s pretty much a car accident case daily.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Florida alone has one of the highest accident rates in the United States of America.

After such accidents, various issues such as the settlement due to the right party is often a matter of utmost concern for the victim.

How long does a car accident settlement take?


As a rule of thumb, settlement checks would often come within 20 days of the car accident claims, according to Florida law 627.4265.


I Don’t Want To Wait On My Settlement Check. What Can I Do?


Most times, there may be hiccups that slow down the process of receiving the settlement check. This could range from issues with the insurance company or the commitment of your attorneys. 

When setbacks like this occur, the victim may need to contact a professional attorney who understands your personal injury case. Since Florida supports the No-fault insurance policy, once a person is involved in a car accident, because of his/her car insurance, the personal injury protection should cover the medical bills for injuries sustained.


The attorney can send a letter to an insurance company regarding the driver at fault, asking for their insurance limits in a bid to hasten up the settlement for injuries sustained. In doing this, the insurance company responds faster because negotiations tend to speed up the process.


How Is Personal Injury Settlement Calculated


Due to the high number of factors that go into a car accident claim, there is no stated amount awarded as settlement or compensation to the victim. Insurance companies use calculators to determine how much the claim is worth.

Every case has only two types of damage claims that can be compensated for. They include special damages that cover medical bills, injury claim, lost wages. And general damages, which include suffering, pain, and mental anguish.


After calculating the Special damages and the general damages, the resultant sum would likely be given to the accident victim as compensation.


Factors Affecting Average Car Accident Settlements


The factors which contribute to ascertaining the worth of a particular settlement differ. In determining a settlement in most cases, liability is of utmost importance. It is the attorney’s duty to investigate to get the case’s actual details, and the party liable for the negligence that caused the accident. 

Negligence such as over speeding, driving under the influence (DUI), or using mobile devices while driving. In doing this, the attorney can vehemently pursue the settlement his/her client is entitled to.

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