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  • Since 1993 – Palm Beach, Broward & Dade
  • Main office: Boca Raton – also in Boynton Beach (Gateway) and Wellington (441)
  • We do two things: Accident cases and Criminal defense.

Who We Are

Silver & Silver is a small firm. We consider ourselves family and work as a team, putting our strengths to use on each part of every case, for the benefit of each client.

Bruce Silver

As a young lawyer, Bruce started the firm as a general practice. He handled all sorts of legal issues for his clients, gaining valuable experience in each area of law as he took on new matters. Taking a practical approach to the law, he always worked to deliver the results his client was looking for. Over time, Bruce decided to focus his energy on personal injury and criminal defense, gaining an intimate understanding of the rules and procedures unique to these types of cases. With this focus, and a meticulous attention to each case, Bruce developed office procedures and techniques that have shaped the way the firm handles each case, providing effective representation to every client.

Nicole Silver

Nicole began practicing law in 1995 and is licensed in New York, New Jersey and Florida. In Florida, she began working with Bruce, and they were married several years later. Detail oriented and infinitely organized, Nicole was critical to the successful growth of the firm. She oversees and manages the office as a whole, making sure the team knows what must be done on every case, working to ensure that each case is moving in the right direction and coordinating the office efforts to keep everyone on track.

Mark Astor

  • From London, U.S. Citizen, passionate about our System of Justice
  • Prosecutor in WPB SAO – Chief of Misdemeanor division.
  • Great contacts from within.

David Hollander

  • 8 years in practice
  • Former Prosecutor – over 3000 criminal cases
  • Gladiator – do everything
  • MBA – management, operations, marketing, finance
  • What We Do

    Personal injury and criminal defense. We work to get our clients the results they want. We do not predict or promise what will happen in any given case. Nobody can. A lawyer’s role is to learn the facts of a case, apply the law and help the client through the case with their best interests in mind.

    Personal Injury

    If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, you will likely need to make a claim to recover for your injuries, expenses and property damage. Initially, you will be dealing with Insurance adjusters, whose job is to resolve your claim. Why do I need a lawyer? As we all know, Florida requires that we carry certain insurance coverage before we can drive a vehicle on the road. In general, this minimum coverage will cover 80% of your medical bills and 60% of your lost wages, up to $10,000. Beyond that, you will be looking to the at-fault driver’s insurance, or if they don’t have it, to your own UM coverage (if you have it). The insurance companies are in business just like the rest of us. The difference between the premiums collected and the claims paid out in claims = profit. If you don’t know what you are entitled to, or you don’t know what your injuries are and what they will cost you now and in the future, you may be offered a pittance to settle your claim. You may be offered nothing. You may be accused of fault. Worse, you may be inclined to accept an unfair offer because you are uneducated in the law that applies to the situation. Beyond the settlement of a claim, you must also consider obligations to pay your medical providers – they are in business too. Are the doctors entitled to bill you after they were paid by your auto insurance? What about health insurance? Do you have to pay a balance or a co-pay? Do you have to repay the health insurance? Can these payments be disputed? Again, if you don’t know the law, you may be taken advantage of. Money in and money out – that’s a concept we are all familiar with, and not everybody knows how to best manage these concerns. Compound that difficulty with the problems that come with personal injury – pain, discomfort, loss of work, going to doctors – and the task can become unmanageable. This is why you need a lawyer trained in Florida personal injury. This is how we can help.

    Criminal Defense

    When you read the newspaper and you hear about a person accused of a crime, you tend to believe they are guilty. Rarely do the reporters gather both sides of the story. Rarely do they consider the motivations of the person making the accusation. Rarely do they question the accuracy of the police report that is the basis of the story. When a person is accused of a crime, they are afforded a number of rights. They are not responsible for proving their innocence. The State must prove them guilty. Florida courts are overburdened with cases, and plea offers are made in many cases in the interest of keeping the system moving. Much like the Insurance adjuster trying to keep the company profitable, the prosecutors tend to make offers that serve their own interests and those of the state. These offers frequently require the accused to waive, or give up, their constitutional rights. Many times an offer seems good (probation and no jail) only to discover later that the conviction will affect the person’s ability to be hired or get a certain professional licenses they wanted. Maybe the stigma of a conviction will affect your credibility in an unforeseen way down the road. But shouldn’t I be entitled to a Public Defender? Yes, if your income and assets are below a certain threshold. If you qualify, the public defender will be appointed after you are charged with a crime and you are already standing before the judge. Not the best time to begin your defense. If accused of a crime, or even if you think you may be suspected of something, you need find out what your rights are and what your options will be.

    How We Do It

    We begin working on your case from the moment we are retained. We work quickly to collect and preserve the evidence that may provide the key to the success of your case. Skid marks fade, memories fade and damage is repaired. Be it a car accident or a criminal charge, evidence is what will be used to decide a case. In personal injury and criminal cases, police officers are usually the first ones on the scene. They are trained in the same ways and handle their investigations following the same standards. Police are trained to look for probable cause, a legal standard that means “more likely than not.” Once they have it, they may close the case or refer it to someone else. They take statements, sometimes take photos. They use their discretion and act on their instincts. In some cases, an essential witness is not questioned or even listed in a report. We investigate our cases independently, either ourselves or with a private investigator. We gather as much evidence as we can, not only what is immediately obvious. We ask questions and work to understand personal dynamics that may affect a person’s perspective. We focus on results and work backward from there. We work hard on every case, examining the nuances that often make the difference.

    As a client of Silver & Silver, you become part of the team and part of the family. We understand that legal questions can occur at anytime, and we are dedicated to our roles. That’s why we put our cell phone numbers on our business cards, so we can be reached when we are needed. We care about our clients and we are proud of the work we do. We are Silver & Silver. We are here to help.

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