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Acts of negligence that result in serious injury or death take the “amusement” out of visiting an amusement park. A day of fun and thrills at theme parks, carnivals, county and state fairs, or water parks can bring unexpected trauma when a sudden and shocking accident occurs.


With millions visiting Lion Country Safari, Monkey Jungle, Palm Beach International Raceway, the Jungle Queen Riverboat and other Florida attractions every day, owners and operators of these high-profile destinations should put the safety and security of their guests first. Falling short of that obligation can have devastating consequences for a patron who suffers a serious injury or dies while in attendance.

  • Poorly maintained buildings and defective rides
  • Ride operators who are poorly trained or under the influence of drugs and alcohol
  • Poorly lit parking lots and other areas where assaults occur
  • Slippery surfaces left unattended
  • Access to dangerous areas due to unlocked doors and gates
  • Obstructions in walkways

Whether the structure is permanent or the park staff continually takes down and puts up rides and other attractions, accidents can happen. The smallest defect or missing nail or screw can change the lives of a guest and their family members. At Silver & Silver, P.A., we conduct in-depth investigations, often with the help of experts, to build fact-based claims for settlement or, if necessary, litigation.

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