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Should You Hire a South Florida Personal Injury Lawyer for a Small Claim?

South Florida Personal Injury Lawyer

People get hurt every day. Maybe you’re involved in a car accident but don’t suffer any serious injuries. Or maybe you fall at the grocery store but only suffer a few bumps and bruises. There are times when it doesn’t make sense to call a South Florida personal injury lawyer. However, it’s not always easy to know when you need an attorney and when you don’t.

The good news is that you can call and talk to a South Florida lawyer without it costing you a thing. You can take an hour out of your day and sit down with someone who has handled cases like yours before. They can review your case and give you an idea of what it may be worth. If it isn’t worth more than a few thousand dollars, you may decide not to hire an attorney. Or, the South Florida personal injury lawyer may tell you that they do not think your case is worth pursuing.

If your attorney tells you that your case is worth more than a few thousand dollars, it may be worth retaining their services.

How Do You Know How Much Your Case is Worth Anyway?

The thing about suffering a personal injury is that you really have no way of knowing what it’s worth. Only a South Florida personal injury attorney can really tell you whether your case has value. That’s because they know the law. They also understand what sort of damages you can demand in your case.

These damages may include any or all of the following:

If you aren’t sure what your case is worth, contact our office today. Schedule your free initial consultation as soon as possible after your accident. And remember – you don’t pay a dime until your case settles or is otherwise resolved.

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