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What Happens When You Call Animal Control on a Neighbor


The most important thing that you should do immediately after your neighbor’s dog bites you is to identify the dog’s owner. Avoid confronting the owner of the dog regardless of who they are to you to mitigate the issues and danger that often come with a confrontation. If you are in need of a Boca Raton Dog Bite Lawyer, you’ve come to the right place. 


It is advised that you report to your local rabies control authority. Go to the hospital and have your injuries tended to. This is especially important since biting dogs pose a high risk of infection. 



The best way to deal with neighbors who own an aggressive dog or any animals for that matter is by talking to them in a non-confrontational manner, and explaining your worries to them calmly—call, text, email, and video when their dog is out of bounds. 


Next, put everything in writing, make videos, and report to your area’s local animal control officer. However, it is very important to note that everything must be documented to ensure that you have a strong case built on solid evidence, as it would be very crucial in proving your case.


What happens when you call animal control on a neighbor


Most people like to live in reserved areas or estates where there is little or no noise, and for good reason. Occasionally, your neighbor’s animal may pose a disturbance or a problem, and after trying to fix the issue causally without involving the appropriate law enforcement, you may be able to then you may decide to take action against your neighbor. The question about what happens when you call animal control on a neighbor is a valid concern for most victims.


Local and state laws have been put in place after consultation with stakeholders such as the animal control department in a bid to govern how you can keep animals in residential areas. If a direct discussion with dog owners around the vicinity of your home is unsuccessful, you may have no other choice than to contact your local animal control agency.


Before this however, you should have a thorough understanding of the laws, the real estate industry, and privacy policy as they pertain to your home. 


After calling animal control, file a noise complaint about your neighbor and their dog. To do this, fill out the complaint form, with the neighbor’s name and address, breed of dog, and the barking durations. You may be required to attach your email address and phone number to ensure seamless communication.


 After filing a noise complaint to the authorities, the council will investigate and issue an abatement notice to the pet owner if necessary. 



In a predictable turn of events, the defendant’s insurance company will try to deny your claims, and when that seems impossible, they may try to reduce the stated payout drastically. Therefore, a skilled attorney on your side can only make things easier for you moving forward.